23 million people struggling with mental health in UK

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Employers must do more to support the mental health of their staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, as new research shows up to 23 million people in the UK could be struggling with poor mental wellbeing as a result of the current climate.

Businesses are missing the opportunity to take taking simple steps to help support their work forces and protect positive wellbeing at a time when many people are struggling.

The research, by not-for-profit healthcare provider Benenden Health, showed that 35% of people are thought to be struggling with their mental wellbeing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Many say support from employers could help ease the stress they’re experiencing day-to-day.

The survey was carried out to understand the impact of lockdown on individuals, with results showing that nearly a third of people had seen their mental wellbeing negatively impacted due to COVID-19, with 12% never having suffered from poor mental wellbeing previously and now have.

More than half of parents whose mental wellbeing has been negatively impacted by the pandemic say balancing working from home and childcare was having an impact.

A shocking one in ten (11%) parents who said their mental wellbeing had been negatively impacted by the pandemic said their employer isn’t being understanding of the requirements of working with children at home, leading to added pressure about professional performance as well as being a good parent.

How can organisations help support the mental wellbeing of their workers? By opening communication between managers and staff. This also means that management need to be aware of the signs of stress, anxiety and depression.

It also helps if work management can offer their work force a safe and confidential way to support them. By organisations having access to a Wellbeing Coach means they can provide emotional wellness coaching and support to their staff to prevent the negative impact of long-term issues.

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental wellbeing within the workplace plus the role that employers should start taking to support the emotional health and wellbeing of their employees.

It’s vital that employers can act quickly to support their workers in this rapidly changing environment. That’s where the role of a Wellbeing Coach fits in perfectly.

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To download Benenden Health’s free report on the impact of Covid-19 on UK employees, click here.

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