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Transform lives as a certified sleep well coach: Your complete training to learn the art and science to achieve restful sleep.


Why train to be a Sleep Well Coach?

If you are looking for a fulfilling career or to supplement your income , then sleep well coaching gives you the flexibility to create the business and lifestyle you want.
Poor sleep affects every area of our life. From relationship difficulties to work issues, from health concerns to weight gain, from poor decision making to financial instability and so on. if we don't sleep well then we can say goodbye to our wellbeing. Unfortunately, poor sleep has become so widespread that it has become normalised. Think how often do you hear the phrase "I'm so tired!" followed by the response "Me too!". Should we be normalising poor sleep when it can have such a detrimental impact upon our lives?

The answer, of course, is NO.

Which is where a sleep well coach can be invaluable, as sleeping well imparts immeasurable benefits to the client and you gain immeasurable benefit from helping others achieve what can feel impossible to the a sleep deprived client: a vibrant and healthful life.

A Sleep Well Coach

A sleep well coach offers personalised, holistic support to address sleep challenges by focusing on lifestyle changes, behavioural adjustments and creating healthy sleep habits. This approach differs from sleep aids, which often involve pharmaceutical or over-the-counter remedies aimed at immediate symptom relief without addressing underlying causes.

To be a sleep well coach you need great communication skills, a desire to help and guide others, a commitment to your clients goals, empathy and understanding of your clients needs and wants.

How do we go from poor sleep to great sleep?

Introducing the Sleep Well Coach Training 

After working with thousands of amazing people over the past decade, I've seen firsthand how achieving quality sleep can work wonders for overall wellbeing. It's not just about feeling well-rested; it's about boosting your mood, enhancing your health and bringing more joy to your life. But here's the thing: sleeping well isn't just about what you do at bedtime. It's a whole lifestyle approach. I've always told people that when you take care of other aspects of your wellbeing, better sleep naturally follows. Yet, I totally get it—sometimes it feels like all you can think about is how to sleep better, right?

That's why this course takes a holistic approach to sleep. Sure, we'll dive into the goal of sleeping well, but we'll also explore a whole range of other factors, including beautiful techniques to boost your overall health and wellbeing, while highlighting the importance of making sleep a top priority.

This course is perfect for coaches looking to expand their skill set to include sleep coaching.

It's also designed for anyone who's passionate about improving their own sleep quality.

This whole journey comes from a place of personal experience. See, while I was helping others sleep better, I never struggled with sleep myself. I took it for granted, just like many others who sleep well tend to do. It was a non-issue—until suddenly, it wasn't! A combination of stress and peri-menopause/menopause made sleeping well seem like a distant memory for me. But with a busy business to run, a family to take care of and all the demands that come with it, taking time off to sleep wasn't an option. Learning to sleep well became my mission.

This course is the result of my personal journey and years of working with clients. It's a comprehensive study into the art of sleeping well, born from real-life experiences and a deep understanding of the challenges we face when it comes to getting a good night's sleep.

What will you learn?

The Science of Sleep
The Importance of Sleep
How to use the coaching GROW model with clients to sleep well
Causes of Sleep Disturbances
Sleep Issues
Ways to Help Your Client Sleep Well
Relaxation Tools
The Use of Sleep Trackers


Also included is a Sleep Coaching Template.  A 28 day programme with handouts and explantations into how you can effectively guide a client to sleep well with a done for you framework.

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