3 Ways to Connect to Your Passion


3 Ways to Connect to Your Passion – Life runs better when you’re passionate about it. It makes getting up in the morning seem less of a chore and more of a pleasure when you have something to look forward to. That is why connecting to what makes you feel passion is an important facet of life.

Yet, what if your passion has slipped away? Do you feel that there is a certain part of you missing? And how do you connect to your passion anyway? Try these 3 ideas to get you started.

1. Look for Clues

So much of what I teach is around awareness. The more aware we are about what we do, have done, are doing, then the more information we have to make better choices and decisions. Awareness is knowledge. Life leaves clues. Your life leaves clues. By examining what you have done through the years you can start to see if any patterns emerge. Do you get drawn to similar activities? Have you always found joy in one particular place? Do certain people resonate with you?

I know for me, I have always loved to perform, to talk (lots, I was the kid that got told off in class for talking), I’ve had a fascination with alternative culture, with music, with food, exercise, I love curious people, people who wish to develop, I love conversation… and I have rolled all of this into teaching wellbeing retreats!

You may not know where your loves might lead but that doesn’t matter. Just look over your life and see what you’ve enjoyed. I often feel that we brush aside what we have done as irrelevant or not important which is not true. Not everyone knows what they want to do from birth and that is okay. Exploration of life, trying different things, is all part of the fun of growing up.

Get busy and look for those clues with the keen eye of a detective!

2. Who or what do you envy?

This might sound a strange way to find your passion! But, what we envy in others can often be a suggestion for what we would like. I’m not necessarily talking about materialistic possessions, as passion is not, in this context, about what you own but rather how you spend your time.

Do you envy someone for the relationship they have, the talent they have, the way they raise their family, the volunteering they do, the social life they have, the business they run, the dedication they have?

It can often be we envy someone as they have an attribute that we would like within our lives or they do something we would like to do. For example, I envy people that speak on stage as I know that is what I would love to do. So guess what I’m working towards!

Rather than think it is a bad thing to be envious, ask is this something I want? Is this something I have a passion for? Why do I want it? Look through eyes of curiosity rather than resentment.

Then start to make a small step to incorporate it into your life.

3. Meditate

This may seem a strange way to find passion, yet, in the quiet spaces of meditation we can start to make space for the answer what do I feel passionate about. Meditation quietens the mind, stops the frantic calculations and emits a peace through the body. In stillness we can hear the calling of what we would love in our lives.

Often, what does bring us passion is the small things in life. We can assume we need to have something huge, yet in the simplicity we can connect to ourselves and be passionate about who we are, for the breath we take and the place we are in. Mediation can bring this to you. When we feel a stirring of passion for the simplicity of life, then so bigger things can resonate through us.

Have fun exploring what makes you come alive with passion.

If you want help to find your passion then I’d love you to join us on our Find Your Passion retreat.


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