An Invitation to Take a Breath

and breathe

You may well have heard me say I love breathing! Well, I am guessing you do too as it is something you do everyday to allow you to experience life. Yet, the thing with breath is, yes, it is something we do without thinking but it is also something we can put our focus and attention on to consciously breathe.

Why would you want to though?

When we consciously focus on our breath there are numerous benefits to our health, it helps us to manage our emotions, it can allow us to gain clarity of mind, we can feel energised, we could tap into our genius and more.

Which makes the concept of taking a breath very appealing for not only do we gain a ton of benefits it is also fairly easy.

So let’s take a moment to breathe and be with the breath with this lovely introduction to become aware of how we naturally breathe and then start to play with deepening the breath, slowing the breath and being as light as we can with it. It is a wonderful rejuvenating breath.

If you enjoy taking a moment with your breath why don’t you join me in The Curious Club where every week we spend time with our breath. You will be surprised just how many different ways we can breathe and the results that this brings.

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