Be Grounded with the November Supermoon

Full Moon

The November Full Moon falls on the 14th and is the brightest and boldest Supermoon in 68 years and we won’t see this again until 2034.

This rare Supermoon falls in the sign of Taurus, which is a steady and practical earth sign. So this Taurus energy is going to bring a calming and grounding effect.

The Taurus Full Moon also comes as a reminder for us to think about our self-worth and feelings of security in the world. This is on both a practical level, such as finances, and on a deeper spiritual level, with questions such as – Am I living life up to my fullest potential? What self limiting beliefs are holding me back?

Questions like these may be amplified on the Full Moon and may help to bring some awareness of what changes you can make to start living a life that truly feels good.

Taurus energy favours practicality and taking a methodical approach to achieving your goals, so slow down. Stop and smell the roses. Get grounded and real.

With pleasure loving Venus as ruler of Taurus, indulge your senses by stimulating them with sights, scents, tastes and sounds. Pay attention to how your body feels and let it have a little of what it fancies – yes, chocolate cake is allowed! Here’s our blog about delicious, healthy raw chocolate 🙂

Overall, this Taurus Supermoon is here to teach us how to ground our emotions, enhance our feelings of self worth and open our hearts to the abundance of the Universe.

What a great time to be on our Healthily Happy Retreat! But you can also enjoy these fabulous retreat benefits any time of the year – see upcoming dates here

(Ref articles: Forever Conscious – November Full Moon 2016 & Leah Whitehorse – Full Moon Taurus November 2016)


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