Blow Those Troubles Away…

blow away

We all have those niggles in our heads. Those annoying, unwanted thoughts that hang around and cloud our mind. Thoughts that get in the way of us getting on with things and thinking straight. They often pop up at the most inconvenient time to distract us, irritate us or make us doubt ourselves. Not ideal!

Now, what if there was a simple trick you could learn that would help to take these little thoughts away and bring you a bit more clarity?

Well look no further because Dr Claire Maguire is here to talk you through the most simple of meditations to take control of these unwanted thoughts…

To practice this quick, easy meditation, you don’t need props or space or certain clothes. You don’t even need an abundance of time. You can, quite literally in this case, blow your troubles away in seconds!

Give this visualisation a try next time you feel your mind getting cluttered with bad vibes or negativity. Allow the peaceful and calming meditation to centre you and focus your thought patterns. Bring your thoughts to the here and now and be present.

Mindfulness all the way!

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