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The world has experienced unprecedented shifts due to the covid pandemic, and countless aspects of our lives have changed forever as a result. One of these aspects stands out as particularly meaningful because the change has actually been for the better.

Awareness of the importance of wellbeing/mental health and how it underlies all personal/work areas has grown significantly over the covid pandemic, and it will only continue to increase from here.

We are surrounded by evidence that there is a serious need for more wellbeing coaches to support people in various sectors, such as government, business, education, and the health sector itself. As such, now is the perfect time to join the supportive profession of wellbeing coaching.

Increasing mental wellbeing awareness equals more opportunities for Wellbeing Coaches

As a result of the increased emphasis on the importance of mental wellbeing in both the public and private sectors, the opportunities opening for Wellbeing Coaches are widening immensely. Some of the areas include:

  • GP practices (staff or as a consultancy) – medical practices are starting to support personalised care & shared decision making for their patients by offering wellbeing coaching.
  • NHS Trusts – as part of its mental health reforms, NHS is now creating positions for Health & Wellbeing Coaches, Wellbeing Coordinators, Wellbeing Practitioners, and Head of Wellbeing.
  • Organisation HR & Training departments:
  • Schools and Universities:
  • Charities & Care Providers are employing wellbeing coordinators to assist the mental health of their clientele.
  • UK Councils are setting up district wellbeing centres and teams to continue to support their residents (eg: Horsham District Wellbeing).
  • Fitness centres are beginning to partner with wellbeing coaches to help promote mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Spas & health/wellness facilities are now starting to work with Wellbeing Coaches to help their members with their overall holistic health.

Our Wellbeing Coach Training Course is of the highest training standard possible

We understand the importance of choosing an accredited coach training course that has been validated and endorsed by highly respected professional organisations within the coaching and wellbeing fields.

As such, our Wellbeing Coach Training Course has received accreditation and approval from both The Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute (PCI). This shows our course is of the highest training standard as it has gone through rigorous, detailed review and assessment by both associations.

By gaining recognition of your training in this way, you are set to become a skilled professional health & wellbeing coach with quality credentials and real credibility.

As we are accredited NHS Personalised Care Institute, our course will help you if you want to become part of the NHS system.

As a recent Raw Horizons Academy student commented:

“I am looking to work with the NHS as a Health/Wellbeing coach. The NHS in my area (of Somerset) will only accept PCI accredited Health/Wellbeing Coaching courses.”

We teach you skills, ideas and techniques to help build a successful wellbeing coaching business

Delivered via our Zoom classroom with live teaching, dynamic group discussion, in-depth question & answer sessions, and break-out rooms to implement new coaching skills, our course comprises 11 modules, including a bonus business module that will assist you in establishing your own business after the course is completed.

Our modules naturally begin with the basics, which will help you to understand wellbeing from a variety of different perspectives, such as philosophy and positive psychology. We examine all the skills necessary to become a Wellbeing Coach and help you develop them, before moving on to a comprehensive look at a wide range of coaching models.

Next we delve into what emotions are, through an understanding of physiology in the context of feeling, reacting, cognition and behaviour. This also covers methods to manage stress, from gaining a biological perspective on it, to examining techniques to soothe stress in our daily lives, to exploring what makes us resilient to it.

We then move on to coping methods and food relationship, and look closely at the stages of change for when coping strategies are no longer working. We examine motivation, overcoming sabotage, why we use excuses, identifying triggers and how to resist temptation, all the while exploring mindfulness through the lens of food.

The following module examines meditation and breath, helping you to understand the concept of neuroplasticity of the brain and why this is important for seeking change. We then progress to self-care and self-love, exploring ways to help clients find self-acceptance and self-kindness.

The remaining modules will guide you into the business world and examine the importance of boundaries within your business and identify which are essential for your business to run smoothly. We cover all the practical steps to get you organised and set up for success, as well as all the essential, but often challenging, administrative aspects.

Plus there’s the Bonus Business Development Module covering your insurance needs, GDPR considerations, top marketing methods, key website design tips and your business plan guidelines, all to help you be a successful wellbeing coach.

Click here to learn more about our accredited Wellbeing Coach Training Course, so you can help to support the mental health of others now and into the future.


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