Christmas – Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Christmas drinks

“Guilt is a destructive and ultimately pointless emotion.” – Lynn Crilly.

December is the month of excess, there’s no denying that! Everywhere you turn there are chocolates to be eaten, wines to be drunk and parties to be attended. Whilst having such a hectic social schedule can be undeniably fun, many of us can find that this season of indulgence comes with a side of guilt over our consumption…

It’s rarely a good idea to indulge yourself to the point of discomfort, so we’re not encouraging you to gorge yourself silly on every bit of food or drink you can get your hands on. But if you are simply enjoying the odd extra tipple or mince pie then we are here to rid you of your pointless food guilt!

Claire explains in her video below…

Over this festive period, we’d like you to make an early decision; will you be sticking to your disciplined and healthy habits over the holidays and staying away from the pubs and the parties? Or will you be loosening the reigns and enjoying the season of merriment? If it’s the latter, then we are slapping you with a big, fat ‘guilt-ban’! You are to go forth and enjoy December, the food, the drink (and any excess that comes with it) and you are not allowed to feel guilty about doing so for a single minute.

Do we have ourselves a deal?

Of course it’s important to keep up with your wellbeing practices (keep your eyes peeled for more on that next week), so don’t neglect the things that nourish your body, mind and soul. But do be sure to cut yourself some slack, it’s Christmas.

So remember, this year, guilt is completely OFF the menu!

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