Conquer Your Fears

Self confidence

Let’s talk about your fears…

What are you scared of? You might say spiders, heights or illness? Maybe it’s rats or snakes or small spaces that give you goosebumps. Sure, we all have these little phobias that we carry with us. But we’re talking about the more ingrained fears. The fears that hold you back from reaching your potential.

Failure, rejection and even success are often fears that we hold on to without even realising.

These fears can stem from low self esteem, not feeling worthy or even just not wanting to look foolish. It makes sense that we avoid making ourselves vulnerable to ridicule or rejection, but by doing so we’re certainly halting progression and holding ourselves back from doing or creating something truly awesome!

Have a little listen to Claire’s wisdom on how we can turn these fears around…

From now on, try changing your outlook. Instead of thinking of all the things that could go wrong in a hypothetical situation, start to list all the brilliant things that could go right! Get excited about the uncertain and face your fears head on.

Only when you begin to conquer your fears can you can fully embrace your life and its limitless, glorious, mind-boggling possibilities!

We hope you find these little hints useful and you can use them to go forth and free up some space, in your home and your mind. Once you make that difficult but all important start, you’ll be a fully-fledged ‘minimalist’ before you know it!

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