New Employment Prospects for Wellbeing Coaches

Wellbeing coaching opportunities

Our Wellbeing Coach graduates choose our course because they wish to empower people to improve their health and wellbeing.

This is true for our graduates who plan to work within either organisations or privately as coaches or consultants.

We strongly believe that wellbeing coaching provides an excellent ‘umbrella’ for your existing skills to nestle under. As such, a Certificate of Wellbeing Coaching provides a unifying basis for your current expertise and experience, enabling a holistic individual approach.

Ongoing emphasis of mental wellbeing means more jobs for wellbeing coaches

I thought I’d share some Job Alerts that I’ve seen recently as examples of employment opportunities currently available that suit a wellbeing coach background:

NOTE: these are examples of available employment prospects currently advertised and these positions may require additional skill sets to those taught in the Wellbeing Coach Training.

You can see from the above employment opportunities that that the fields available for work are wide, including:

  • Education facilities (schools, universities for students & staff)
  • Charities (for children & adults)
  • Councils
  • Care providers
  • Organisation HR & training departments
  • GP Practices (as staff or consultancy)
  • NHS Trusts for both staff & patients
  • Fitness centres & personal trainers
  • Yoga teachers & studios
  • Spas & wellness facilities

Read more about career prospects here…

The awareness of the importance of wellbeing/mental health and how it underlies all personal/work areas makes this an inspiring time to join this supportive profession.

Wellbeing Coach Training of the Highest Standard

We know the importance of training with a highly respected course and how it enhances employment opportunities. That is why our wellbeing coach training course has been accredited by leading organisations in both the coaching and wellbeing fields.

As such, our Wellbeing Coach Training Course has received accreditation and approval from both The Association for Coaching and the NHS Personalised Care Institute.

This acknowledgement of your training, shows you to be a skilled certified coach with quality credentials and real credibility, improving your employment prospects.

Read more about our accreditation here…

We teach skills and techniques plus provide tools & ongoing support to help with your wellbeing coach journey

This is an intensive 5-day training delivered via our Zoom classroom with live teaching, dynamic group discussion and break-out rooms to implement new skills. There’s also your comprehensive manual to compliment the teaching together with the private graduate community for continued support.

“I absolutely loved this course! Dr Claire Maguire was a great teacher and really inspiring. I have learnt so much and was really impressed at how connected I felt to the rest of the group via zoom. I would highly recommend this course!”

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Plus there’s the Bonus Business Development Modules covering your insurance needs, data protection considerations, top marketing methods, key website design tips and your business plan guidelines, all to help you be a successful wellbeing coach.

You complete your course that week, receive your Certificate of Wellbeing Life Coaching, become an Introductory Associate member of The Association for Coaching plus receive a Certificate of CPD from NHS Personalised Care Institute.

You can then start as a coach as soon as you finish.

We pride ourselves on our ability to nurture you, to bring out the best in you and to deliver a vast amount of information in an inspiring and clear manner.

Click here to learn more about our accredited Wellbeing Coach Training Course, so you can help to support the mental health of others now and into the future.



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