Express Yourself Through Words


“I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is born.” ~ Anne Frank.

Writing can be very therapeutic, even if you don’t string sentences together! Jotting down words and making lists can all help you remove the clutter from your mind!

When I first started journalling, I felt like I had to be a writer! I had this overwhelming need to ensure the words that were put on paper flowed, sound exciting, made sense. God forbid if I made a mistake, then the page would be untidy!

What was I thinking, that my life was somehow going to be published!?

When I stopped caring about how it ‘should’ be and just let it unfold, that was where the magic began. I would draw pictures, diagrams, sentences, single words and pages and pages of babble! The more I journalled, the clearer my mind became, and the more journalling developed into a habit that I enjoyed rather than a burden of a ‘must do’ task.

In truth of it all, I don’t often even go back to read any of it. I will occasionally skim through the pages of past years and I find it intriguing to see reoccurring words, or answers to questions I did not understand back when. But I personally don’t use journalling as a means to capture thoughts per say but more as a process of offloading what churns in my mind.

That is the best thing about journalling, it can be what you want it to be. It can be a place to be your own best friend. A place to put your personal fears and desires. A place to vent frustrations and a place to practice gratitude. A place to set intentions and goals and a place to reflect on hardships and roadblocks.

There are no limitations as to what journalling is used for and this can become a very personal place for you and your thoughts.

Everyone has their own reasons for journalling and there has been numerous research studies to prove its many benefits such as managing anxiety, reducing stress and coping with depression.

But I personally have two main reasons:

To build understanding and awareness: When you start to explore your emotions and understand why you react to things your emotional awareness grows. The more I reflect on areas that I don’t necessarily want to deal with, the more I understand. Self-coaching is a great tool and all you have to do is start with ‘why?’ Question everything, be curious and have an open mind, you may be surprised what you find! Here’s my blog about the power of reflection

To manifest: Journals are where my dreams are made from. Intentions are great, but what’s even better is repeated intention! Reaffirming your desires on a regular basis keeps you focused and in tune for opportunities that may lead you to find them. Have you ever thought about purchasing a particular car and then suddenly you see them everywhere you go! When you are focused on your intention you are more likely to attract possibilities.

Do you journal? Have you considered giving it a go?

Whether it be on a scrap piece of paper, in an expensive leather-bound book or notes in the sand, why not try expressing yourself through words?

“Journalling is like whispering to one’s self and listening at the same time.” ~ Mina Murray

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