Getting Over the Post-Holiday Blues


Summer is here! A time when the mind turns to holidays. Now you may have already been on holiday or you may be planning a holiday but what I wish to turn our focus to this week is the feeling when you return from a wonderful break away from your everyday life.

In particular, the post-holiday blues.

You know that sinking down feeling of readjusting back to work, to housework, to the daily grind and you just wish you were back on holiday. However, with a little creative thought and application you can overcome the post-holiday blues.

Listen to Dr Claire Maguire explain a simple exercise you can do to keep the holiday magic alive within your everyday life…

First let’s think of the question: “What are you getting out of being on holiday?”

Then make a list of all the things you enjoy. For example:

  • Do you enjoy being a tourist and seeing the sights of a new country?
  • Do you love the relaxation of sunbathing by the pool, reading and having time out?
  • Do you adore being away with friends laughing and having fun?
  • If you’re on a retreat do you enjoy the focus on yourself and seeing yourself in different ways?

Secondly answer the question: “What do I feel I am missing when I get back into my everyday life?”

Do you feel when you get back it’s just busy, busy, busy and you think that’s the way you have to be? You may find it’s the opposite to what you’ve answered above. So for example, it could be the time to yourself, lack of adventure, no fun, not connecting with friends. We will class these as holiday values.

Once you have the two lists start to ask yourself how could I start to bring some of those great things I love about my holiday into my everyday life. To live with the values and experiences a holiday brings you such as fun, adventure, connection, calm, peace and so on.

For example, if you enjoy being a tourist and seeing lots of different things – how can you be a tourist in your own town? Many of us never take the opportunity to see the sights in our vicinity. So make a date and go out to see what you can discover.

If it’s the connection with friends, then make a date to see your friends, pick up the phone or FaceTime. Make sure you keep the connection and you don’t put it off as life takes over with busyness.

If you’ve enjoyed relaxing and reading books then give yourself permission to relax in your everyday life and read a book – you are allowed.

Maybe you enjoyed asking deep meaningful questions, then carve out 10 minutes of time in your day to ask a deep question to contemplate.

There are some simple steps to help you keep that holiday magic alive.  Now go ahead:

What can you do to feel as if every day is a little more of a holiday? We’d love to hear your thoughts…



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