Girls will be Grown-up!

Baby Girl

I read an article in The Week magazine recently (28 August 2010) commenting on how young girls in America are reaching puberty earlier. It seems that 23% of African-American & 10% of white girls have started developing breasts by the age of seven! The article mentions that possible causes may be obesity (the breasts are just additional fat) or the effects of bisphenol-A (BPA) (see my blog: BPA – Not fantastic plastic) or perhaps our society is just over-sexualising girls at a younger age!

What the article doesn’t mention is the possible effect of soy! Perhaps this early puberty is a result of increasing soy levels in our diet. This effect has been noted by the New Zealand Rosella breeders who noticed profound early maturity of their young birds when the diet changed to soy based feed – instead of taking the usual 12-18 months, the birds were maturing in just a few months! (see my blog – So, now to soy )!

Maybe it’s a combination of obesity, BPA and soy?

So little girls get bigger every day, especially when they eat so much modern soy…

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