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Healthy chocolate brownie recipe

With Easter and Mother’s Day around now, it’s an easy time to over-load on chocolate!

We’re not against a bit of indulging but how many of us feel the negative effects of too much chocolate?

The problem is not the actual ‘chocolate’ because that’s got a lot of good beneficial things in it. Raw cacao/chocolate contains many important vitamins and minerals that enhance your physical & mental wellbeing.

The issue is that commercial chocolate doesn’t actually have much chocolate in it.  Plus it has a lot of added sugar which is not great for our overall wellbeing.

You can read my blog about all the health benefits of chocolate (raw cacao) here and the problem with sugar in my blogs here.

Is it possible to enjoy indulging in chocolate and still benefit from all it’s health benefits? Plus not have the problems of the sugar overload and subsequent crash? Or the associated guilt of losing self-control?

Yes, you can… Here’s one of our favourite recipes to beat your chocolate craving – our delicious, rich chocolate brownies.

So simple and easy to make at home plus no baking! This recipe is vegan and also gluten free, dairy free, soy free and refined sugar free. And did I say, so tasty?

Raw Chocolate Brownie Recipe
(makes 10 large or 20 small pieces)


  • 100g walnuts
  • 200g pecans
  • 200g medjool dates
  • 75g raw chocolate (raw cacao) powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Pinch of salt
  • 4 tbsp desiccated coconut


  • Process the walnuts until it consists of small chunks – don’t over process
  • Put walnuts into a bowl
  • Process the pecans until they resemble breadcrumbs
  • Add the dates to the pecans and process to make a sticky paste
  • Add the raw chocolate powder, vanilla extract, salt and desiccated coconut to the pecan and date mix – process until mixed in
  • Add to the bowl with the walnut chunks and mix together
  • Press firmly into a tin to form a 3cm thick layer and refrigerate for an hour
  • Cut into pieces and serve

It’s really that easy and a delicious, healthy way to get your chocolate fix.

Enjoy with a smile…

For more delicious, healthy & easy chocolate recipes, try Dr Claire Maguire’s fabulous recipe book, ‘Fresh & Sophisticated – the art of radiant eating’.


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