Holiday in the Sun – Restful or Not?


Holiday in the Sun – Restful or Not? It’s the summer, which often means a trip to somewhere hot with a beach, a pool and taking it easy. A well-earned rest for working hard. I am no different as I’ve just returned from a week long holiday to the beautiful island of Puerto Santo.

However, it did get me thinking… is such a holiday really restful?

For sure, I didn’t have to cook, clean or any other usual household chores. I didn’t have to work. I got to eat (lots as it was all inclusive!), drink and chill by the pool or on the beach. It was blissful.
Yet by the last day I realised my energy levels had completely dropped. I was feeling lethargic and to be honest fatter. Was I rested? To a degree, very much so as I had laid around, read 5 books and hadn’t exerted myself. This was nice.

But a part of me was missing the high energy clean feeling that I usually have. That feeling of being on top of the world. Which made me think about the ladies who join us on our retreats. We encourage rest, relaxation, to unwind and very much take it easy. It is important to the body to take this time of rest.

The difference that I do notice though, is that by the end of our retreats, our ladies leave feeling rejuvenated, elated, positive and with a feeling of high energy within their bodies. I believe, this is due to the fact that our retreats give you more than rest. We work on issues that have been bothering you, so you leave with a new perspective and confidence. We incorporate yoga and meditation so the body and the mind have enjoyed a stretch and realignment. We eat cleansing raw food which encourages a gentle detox. All this together creates a renewed feeling of vibrancy.

So while, I will never knock going away on a holiday to the sun and indulgence I am very much looking forward to my daily life of yoga, meditation, eating clean and working with wonderful women.

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