Is your safety net holding you back?

safety net

“Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly” – Unknown.

As human beings it is only natural to consider first and foremost our security and safety. The safety nets we create are all different from jobs, homes, social circles and financial commitments. It is what gives us comfort and familiarity during change in our lives.

But I ask you this, have you ever questioned what would happen if you didn’t have a safety net, i.e. a backup plan?

Backup plans make it easy for us to go back to the status quo, our safe zone. Backup plans are great in assisting us when we are curious and testing the waters. However, the fear of change or risk can have us creating safety nets without us even realising it and therefore holding us back from real change!

The fear of failing, making a mistake or a decision we are not entirely happy with can make us create safety nets in case we fall. However, have you noticed that even with our safety nets we tend to still tread carefully, procrastinate and take the easier route?

Take a moment and evaluate your current situation, do you have safety nets? Are you even aware you had safety nets? Are they keeping you from reaching your goals, desires or full potential?

Taking a leap of faith into the unknown is scary but it is good to remember that…

  • There are lessons in mistakes (Check out these 12 empowering lessons about failure).
  • You only fail when you stop trying.
  • There are no right or wrong decisions, there are just decisions that are best at that moment in time.

Are you prepared to remove your safety net?

During such times you learn, develop and move with change toward where you are supposed to be; and instead of falling you find a way to grow wings and fly!

Which safety net do you feel you can remove?


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