Just 3 mins to Restore Wellbeing

Kundalini Sat Kriya

If you adopt just one healthy habit over the coming weeks, make it a daily Sat Kriya practise.

Just three minutes each day can really enhance your overall wellbeing, by purifying your body and encouraging all negativity to leave your system.

Sat Kriya is fundamental to Kudalini yoga as it works directly on stimulating and channelizing the kundalini energy, it also strengthens the sexual system and helps to restore balance in the body. What’s more, your heart will gain strength from the rhythmic pumping of the navel point and well as providing your internal organs with a gentle massage.

The Sat Nam mantra allows the kundalini energy to flow freely and encourages healing and clarity whilst toning the nervous system and promoting calmness in the body. Perfect.

So, how exactly do you practise Sat Kriya?

Allow Claire to demonstrate…

You can chant along with this video to easily incorporate this
powerful 3 minute practise into your daily routine.

Give it a go and notice the positive difference it makes to your every day.

Sat Nam

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