Make that Quantum Jump


“We don’t have to wait to own that dream. Step into the life you really want now…” – Dr Claire Maguire.

Visualisation is a powerful tool which we can utilise at any and every opportunity. It’s quite simple, it’s free and it requires no fancy equipment or appointments. Just you, your goals and some imaginative brain power.

A quantum leap is described as a sudden or abrupt change, a dramatic advance. These are the types of changes we want to chat about with today’s topic, as Claire talks us through to fascinating area of quantum jumping…with our minds and, in turn, our lives…

Here’s Dr Claire Maguire to explain:

Don’t be put off if you’re not convinced by the idea of alternative realities or a parallel universe.  The essence of quantum jumping here really is in the visualisation. Visualisation has been proven time and time again to be an incredibly powerful tool.  It’s even used by many athletes before a race or match to help them find their edge by imagining who they’re going to achieve a successful outcome.

Tap into that mind power and use it to create the shift that you desire, whether it’s in your home life, career or finally getting around to that passion project of yours. Be fearless in making and embracing change. You are allowed to be whoever you want to be, you can change as often as your heart wants. Leap between different versions of yourself and use the magic of visualisation to lead the way.

Step into your dream and see what different choices you then make so it becomes your reality…

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