Mantra to Expand Your Heart

So last week we shared a video talking about the power of chanting, and how incorporating this practice into your wellness regime can offer so many rewards…

This week, Claire would like to share with you one of her favourite mantras, and good news…it’s super simple to remember!

This special mantra can help you to move away from fear and move into your heart space, acting from love. As you work on removing that fear element you can also begin a powerful manifestation process using this mantra as a guide.

Begin to trust yourself and the plan that the universe has for you…

Have a go at practising this mantra, don’t be shy, speak it with intention and embrace the powerful vibrations. Chant your truth.

Please share if you have any experience with chanting or this particular mantra, we always love to hear from you all. Enjoy this powerful tool.

Sat nam xo


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