Meditation for Emotional Balance


This week we’re doing a meditation for emotional balance. For those times when you feel completely out of whack and you want to scream, when you’re feeling all over the place.

We do at times get completely and utterly overwhelmed with our emotions. It is like we are not in control of them, not in control of our mind or our actions and everything is feeling crazy.

It can happen as well through various cycles of the month as we are in tune with the moon because we are composed of about 70% water. If we have a water imbalance within us, it is like we can’t regulate our emotions in the same way. We can then start putting pressure upon the kidneys if we are not taking as much water in. So if we aren’t taking enough water in, they are then not filtering things properly. Your body isn’t working properly and hence our emotions will not be working properly either. Emotions and water are very highly correlated and very much tied together.

For this particular meditation you need to drink a glass of water beforehand to help re-hydrate.

Follow me, Dr Claire Maguire, on how to do this simple, yet very powerful meditation…

We start by placing the hands under the armpits. If you think about under the armpits, we have a lot of glands under there and we are going to sort of help the glandular system by locking up the hands into this armpit position.

You are going to bring the shoulders up and we are creating a lock within the neck. So, this whole area becomes locked, we are locking down so to say so we can start to regulate the emotions we are experiencing.

Normally when we breathe, we can normally breathe about 15 times a minute, so the breath is fairly quick. A lot of the times when we are breathing, we don’t actually think about what we are doing with the breath at all, we are not particularly focused within it, we just do it. Breath is life, breath is everything. But if we can pay more attention to the breath, if we can actually slow the breath down to four times a minute, we can really start to gain, indirectly, control over the mind and therefore control over our emotions. We will then bring balance into the body and start to feel better about ourselves.

So, bring your hands up under the armpits, shoulders up and eyes are closed.

Take your eyes upwards and inwards looking at the third eye, in the middle of the forehead.

It is then a slow breath of four times a minute.

In one minute, I have taken four breaths, as you can see it is a very slow breath. You really want to see how slow you can make it, so you begin to gain mastery of your breath. As you gain mastery of your breath you gain mastery of yourself.

You are going to keep going, usually for three minutes.

If you can expand it out and do it for longer, fantastic!

Make sure you drink lots of water afterwards and really allow the emotions that you may be holding onto to get washed away.

Enjoy this meditation to balance your emotions. It is very powerful & very beautiful…

Sat Nam.


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