Olympic Gold Fever (& for Yorkshire too)…


What a fantastic 2 weeks of the London 2012 Olympics!  Team GB has performed amazingly and the atmosphere across the country has been fantastic. And no more so than in God’s Own Country – Yorkshire.

If Yorkshire was its own country then we would have won as many gold medals (7) as Australia or Japan and 4 more than Spain!

There must be something in the water and the air…  Here’s the map from ‘Welcome to Yorkshire’ website showing where all the Yorkshire’s Olympic Heroes come from and the gold medal winners.  You can go on a Olympic Tour of Yorkshire now with gold painted letter boxes.

The Yorkshire lot are a patriotic group and a lot has been written about how well Team Yorkshire has done this Olympics such as:

The Guardian, Northerner Blog – Yorkshire finishes twelfth in medals table at Olympics

BBC Online – Yorkshire riding high on Olympic medal table

Mail Online – Going for gold: Yorkshire tourism gets a boost from the county’s Olympic athletes.

That must be why our Retreats are so successful – the answer lies in the soil… The Yorkshire soil…


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