Protect & Project Your Precious Energy


“When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace…”

We love the above quote and it’s so appropriate for the meditation we’d like to share with you below…

We often want to help everybody out and whilst this is done with the best intentions, it can leave our energy levels severely depleted. In our quest to make sure everyone is taken care of, we can totally forget about ourselves. If we don’t protect our own energy, we can end up feeling drained and withdrawn.

This is obviously not good for us, but it’s also bad news for those around us. We all know the saying ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup’…

So the question is, how to strike a balance between keeping your heart open and projecting outwards, yet keeping it’s energy protected? There’s a fine line between giving freely and giving too much.

That’s where this powerful Kundalini meditation with Dr Claire Maguire, is going to help you…

Chant along with the Kundalini mantra:

(I bow to the primal wisdom)
(I bow to the wisdom through the ages)
(I bow to the true wisdom)
(I bow to the unseen wisdom)

There are many different versions of this mantra and here’s a lovely one by Mirabai Ceiba.

This meditation can be credited to giving your personality a magnetic, enchanting edge as you surround your energetic field with blissful, protective light.

Give love, kindness and attention to others, but never forget to show yourself the same consideration…

Sat Nam xo

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