I finally did it yesterday – I did something I’ve wanted to do for ages.  But its only been recently that I’ve felt settled enough to go ahead and do it.

I adopted two kittens!  And they’re gorgeous…  I’d been looking on the RSPCA website for a couple of months.  They’re 4 month old Bengal cross sisters – Swirl and Toffee.  It was love at first sight.

I was interrogated on arrival at the cattery – did I have another pet at home? Did I have children?  I thought I had failed the test and would be sent home empty handed.  But I was wrong…  The lady in charge had these two siblings which she wanted to be adopted together.  Plus they had been brought in at 6 weeks old, totally wild.  They had been fostered and now they were domesticated and ready for adoption.

I brought them home a little apprehensive as Mike has never been around cats.  He claims to be a dog person!  I’ve included a photo here of Swirl with Mike on their first evening together – I think you’ll agree that both seem to be adapting well to their new surroundings.

As I’ve been so involved in my health, I felt it important to research my cats health.  I found some interesting sites:

http://www.catnutrition.org/foodmaking.php – how to make an ‘engineered’ mouse.  She has a recipe for a raw ‘mouse’ – grain free, nutritionally balanced raw meal of meat, bones, organs .  Or BARF as its known – biologically appropriate raw food.  I agree with the philosophy that cats (and dogs) are meant to eat small animals raw – not cooked and not with added grain.  Another interesting site regarding BARF is http://www.barfaustralia.com

http://www.catinfo.org/litterbox.htm – a great site all about good cat health in relation to cat litter and cleanliness.  I’ll leave you to read up on that if you’re interested.

So I may be making ‘engineered’ mice in my kitchen soon – organic of course…


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