We've worked with amazing people

We've worked with amazing people

I am SO grateful I did this course- it helped me so much on a professional but also personal level.

What I loved most was that it really helped me fill in the gaps with my own knowledge and skills, and also, the course really sets you up to start working as a wellbeing coach straight away afterwards- which is exactly what I needed. I now feel confident to apply for jobs and work with future clients, knowing that I have a solid base to work from.

I loved the variety of topics, and honestly, was sad to finish by the end of the week. Claire is a fantastic teacher, and I came away really inspired by the breadth of what was covered- I feel really excited to follow my passions regarding my direction with wellbeing, the ways I would like to work, the different things I would like to offer as a coach.

I also REALLY appreciate all the follow up support/ info I'm receiving now that the course has finished- something that has been lacking in other training programs I've taken.

Thank you so much Claire and your team : )

Caroline P.

The course is fascinating! Inspiring, insightful and yet down to earth teaching with a good balance of theory, practical exercises and discussion. There is a lot of information to take in, however, for me this kind of intensive learning works best.
I valued the opportunity to learn and become qualified in a new skill in a week! And the thought that I could start a new business immediately if I wish, is very attractive to me.
Thank you Claire and the other course participants for sharing your expertise and experience. A life affirming and I suspect soon to be life changing experience!

Simone S.

The course was fabulous, it went beyond my expectations and I learnt so much. Claire is a wonderful teacher and provided many interesting insights throughout the week. Upon completion of the course, I was left feeling confident in implementing my new knowledge and skills, and well supported with the array of resources available. I would highly recommend this training.

Pip R.

This is a superb course for anyone looking at expanding their skills and knowledge to coach themselves and others to achieve wellbeing goals. It's so relevant right now and it was expertly delivered in a warm, friendly, virtual space. I feel inspired, encouraged and full of confidence through Claire Maguire’s highly empowering and transformational approach to teaching. Would highly recommend.

Simone S.

I highly recommend this course. It is comprehensive in its coverage and well planned with a balance of learning activities to suit different learning styles. I loved working so intensively with a group of like-minded people across the week and Claire's teaching was inciteful and supportive. She modelled how to bring out the best in us and enabled us to reflect on our skills and how we can apply them to our own coaching practice.

Pippa B.

An intense yet life-changing week. Any reservations that I initially had soon melted away as we worked through the course materials with plenty of opportunities to put our learning into practice. The course was exceptionally well organised, communication was excellent and the quality of resources was second to none.

Claire led the course expertly with a blend of humour, relevant experience and positivity. The highlight for me was to work with 8 other special people and we all gelled together so well. I also like the fact that there is a Graduate Community so support and learning can still be ongoing. I highly recommend this course!

Mike C.

The course was fantastic! An intensive journey into well-being coaching which surpassed my objectives for the course. The opportunity to work with Claire and a group of fantastic ladies, sharing experiences and knowledge was extremely powerful.

It was good to be pushed out of my comfort zone and to grow during the week. I am now excited about how I can apply the learning in my workplace and then long-term in private practice.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to explore the world of well-being coaching.

Julie N.

I have just finished the 5-day Wellbeing Life Coaching course with Claire and can honestly say it did not disappoint. I have hesitated for the past 2 years whether to do this course or not and was researching other coaching courses out there but always returned to Raw Horizons. I swayed towards this course for the accreditations, not just with the Association for Coaching but also with the NHS Personalised Care Institute and the highly rated reviews about Dr Claire Maguire.

Claire engages with you throughout the whole five days and is very easy to approach, which made the course even better. Everyone who was on the course was very friendly and each and every one of us left after the 5 days as friends, it was sad to say goodbye on the last day......good friendships were definitely made.

Everything in the manual is well set out and very well explained. The breakout rooms that we all joined to do the practical exercises were fabulous and helped us engage and put into practice the coaching information that Claire was sharing with us all. Claire is definitely a very passionate teacher and this truly shines through.

This course also helped me from a personal level and I learnt a lot about myself.

I would recommend this course for anyone that is wanting to become qualified as a Wellbeing Life Coach as you most certainly will not be disappointed.

A HUGE thank you Claire, I have had an amazing 5 days and cannot wait to start my new journey in Wellbeing Life Coaching.

Louise G.

From the initial Sunday intro to the last emotional clicking off Zoom, Claire created a safe space for our group to grow, to bond, to be our curious selves and above all learn.

I felt motivated to grow (which is always a wonderful feeling) and learnt a lot about myself over the week.

Thank you so much for having shared your knowledge and passionately empowering our group to become well-being coaches or add to our practice.

Will defo be telling others to sign up!

Jessica T.

I had a wonderful week and I now feel enlightened and ready to start my transformational journey into self-love, and self-acceptance and to push my self-limiting beliefs behind me. My mission is to heal myself whilst transforming this healing energy into helping others live a life that is full of abundance and self-acceptance.

The course was great, the best course I've done. I felt emotional leaving. Thanks, Claire for a sensational week! Can't believe how well it all came together! The comprehensive manual too, which I can't wait to read over, over the next few months!

Rachel F.

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