We've worked with amazing people

We've worked with amazing people

You will not come away disappointed from this course. It will give you the confidence to go ahead and be a Wellbeing Life Coach. A very well-constructed course giving you a huge belly of knowledge and key pointers with strategies that you'll always keep coming back to. Claire is very experienced at communicating and you can feel confident that you'll finish the course. If you want to be a coach of any sort then this is the course to do. You'll love it.

Catherine B.

The course was full of practical advice, scientific facts and engaging stories and anecdotes. Loved the live zoom classroom and engagement with everyone else. Learnt a lot and would recommend to anyone looking to start a career in wellbeing coaching or understand deeply how wellbeing coaching is a powerful tool for personal development.

Noor S.

The course provided me with a greater awareness of wellbeing, and I was able to explore my inner self through self-reflection. I enjoyed the meditation and breath to prepare each day. The course provided a safe space that enabled me to be open and transparent and the opportunity to ask questions. I enjoyed going into groups and doing coaching, and meditation. The exercises were also enjoyable. When the course came to an end and I was told that I am now a certified coach it was a reflection of the intense work put in during the five-day course. The fact I also would be receiving x3 certificates for completing the course will provide me with the platform to apply for positions relating to wellbeing pertaining to NHS and school etc and the opportunity of setting up my own business. I fully recommend the wellbeing course to create a positive change of direction.

McLean H.

I searched for a course suited to my needs, my learning and my coaching requirements. Coaching is such a vast field - I feared I would never really find the course I "clicked" with. Then I came across RAW HORIZONS- the modules and layout of the course over the 5 days with double accreditation was perfect for what I needed. The other students were a great bunch of people to learn with, and I really do feel we all got something from each other. The content of the course is intense but Claire manages to get through it in a light/upbeat way that encourages learning/questions/discussion. I can't recommend this course enough.

Debbie M.

The course and delivery were absolutely excellent, I loved every minute! Claire was clear, open, supportive, patient, funny and so knowledgeable. She has such a lovely way about her, I'm so glad I signed up. I feel I've had such fabulous training, I feel equipped to start my business, thank you!

Ella F.

I am so grateful to Claire for sharing her wisdom and expertise so wholeheartedly. I learnt more in a week than I have learnt in years on university courses! Andrea's additional business modules were also hugely helpful. Thank you for leaving me feeling so inspired!

Charlie T-J.

I spent the most amazing, awesome week with Dr Claire Maguire training to be a coach. Dr Claire's numerous examples of her clients made it easy to understand the content and relate to our own experiences. The course is very well designed and gives you the confidence to start working as a coach immediately. The bonus of the Business Module is full of information and useful tips and tricks, which would help me tremendously going forward with my website, marketing, getting insurance, data protection, etc. I feel confident and ready to start my journey as a Coach. Thank you Raw Horizons team for all the support, prompt communication and answering calls.

Najma A-M.

Having been a coach for ten years I used the course as a tick box exercise to get the qualification, however, I learned an enormous amount of practical tools that I implemented immediately in my practice. Claire was a very patient teacher and managed to keep the pace despite the varying levels of experience. I highly recommend.

Liza H-B.

This course is utterly fantastic! I researched many courses and I am so grateful that I came across this course with Claire and her team. I thoroughly enjoyed all five days and cannot begin to explain in a short note how much I have taken from the course and the experience. The content of the course is excellent, practical, rich in detail and the modules are very well structured. Not only does the course train you on the 'profession' itself but also gives tips on how to build your brand and business which is so helpful in what can be an overwhelming time. As an instructor, Claire is highly professional and has a warm and welcoming tone. This enabled a community feel between the course students for the week - we were able to share openly which enhanced our learning and experience further. I felt supported throughout the week and going forward. I could go on and on with all the positives about both this course and Raw Horizons as a provider, however, I will end with a clear recommendation - if you are wanting this type of qualification but are unsure which course to choose - go for this one - you will not be disappointed.

Kayleigh H.

It was so lovely to meet such a diverse group of people. The growth from day 1 to day 5 was substantial. Thank you for an amazing week of learning.

Julia C.

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