We've worked with amazing people

We've worked with amazing people

Such an enjoyable course with like-minded people, I would recommend it to anyone who is even slightly interested! Claire was clear, honest, friendly and encouraging. Still raving about it weeks later!

Simran M.

Having spent some years acquiring knowledge in the field of wellbeing, this course built on that knowledge and gave me the formal coaching tools and techniques I needed to confidently take that knowledge out to patients and clients and deliver it in a way that I believe will be of real benefit to others. I learned a lot from the group and loved the realism of Claire's teaching.

Jackie H.

The course was really informative and enjoyable overall and it has helped to create a really solid foundation from which I can feel more confident building my own business as a wellbeing life coach.
All of the areas covered were done thoroughly and were well explained. I particularly liked the fact that Claire gave numerous examples whenever she discussed an issue and I really appreciated her passionate and enthusiastic style and her authenticity.
I also found the interactive nature of the course and the ability to talk with other attendees a big plus point as many other courses offer limited opportunities to speak with course participants in real-time (particularly some of the international coaching courses).

Kelly L.

Taking part in this course has been the best decision I have made. I pondered for over a year on whether I should do it and I am so pleased I committed to taking part because I have learnt a huge amount and it has given me a whole new purpose in life. I knew I wanted to help people with achieving their goals and well-being but I did not have the structure, tools and knowledge on how to go about this but now I do. I am filled with confidence in how I am going to help people. Having this qualification gives me the foundation I have needed for so long and now I can build upon everything I have learnt and put into practice the skills and tools I have acquired. I am excited and feel on a soul level that I am fulfilling my life's purpose. Thank you to Claire, Andrea and those who were on the course alongside me for making the course a very educational and enjoyable experience!
If you are unsure right now whether you should do this course... think no more...get signed up, you won't regret it!

Rachael H.

I highly recommend the course to others looking to become a Wellbeing Coach. Claire's teaching was interesting and motivating and I learnt so much! Thanks Raw Horizons!

Sarah W.

An excellent training course! We learnt a huge amount in a short period of time, within a kind, supportive and interactive environment - and the resulting Wellbeing Coach qualification I've received is a motivating springboard into a new career - thank you Claire and team!

Sally B.

An excellent week of great training. I feel ready to put into practice my new learning and am so excited to be able to offer so many new resources to my clients. A thoroughly enjoyable week that met and exceeded all of my expectations. Thank you.

Charlotte G.

Overall, this was value for money. There was very good dynamics from the group. A magnitude of information and knowledge to consume over the course of 5 days, but well worth it. Claire made it fun and interesting.
Would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to Coach.

Sandra S.

The course was inspiring and empowering. I left feeling well equipped and confident to continue my coaching journey.

Kate S.

I loved every experience of it as I was being taught by a great tutor and met some amazing people on the course. This course gave me a great insight into well-being as well as it made me reflect on things in life. It opened positive feelings as to how I want my life to be and that is to go on a well-being journey with people to become a well-being coach. Claire just made every experience enjoyable she really did and I thank her for that.

Tricia L.

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