Setbacks Are Inevitable, How Do You Tackle Them…?

The right direction

 “Don’t be sidetracked by one setback along a path of gifts and blessings”

– Rasheed Ogunlaru

Ah setbacks.. life is full of them! Hurdles, obstacles, problems, bumps-in-the-road, whatever you call them, there’s certainly no avoiding them. Unexpected twists and turns make up part of life’s rich tapestry, although it can be hard to see at the time.

These little setbacks might be inevitable, but how we respond to them isn’t…

As unlikely as it can sometimes seem at the time, it is possible to handle life’s curve balls in a positive, calm and productive manner. It’s all in the way in which we approach these mini dilemmas. Do we tackle them head on and logically? Or do we let our emotions take hold, go straight into panic mode and start flapping around?

I think you know the answer to that one…

Setbacks are frustrating, there’s no denying that, sometimes you can be plodding along just fine thinking how everything is going so swimmingly and then BAM out of nowhere comes a big fat helping of bad news to throw a spanner in the works! You can handle this though, you are made of sturdy stuff. A setback does not equal the end of the world, it is what it is.

Let Claire explain in a little more detail…

Next time life surprises you by placing a few obstacles in your path, try to greet them with a smile, with some logic, and trust that you are strong enough and capable enough to overcome anything that is thrown at you. View these setbacks as the challenges they are, each time you overcome one you are only getting stronger.

Setbacks don’t last forever. They bring with them a lesson and then they pass. Face your obstacles, rise to the everyday challenges and keep on going. You’ve got this.

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