Small Talk – Big Ideas!

Dinner Party

We were invited to a small dinner party last weekend. Just a few couples, all over 50, well educated, well spoken and supposedly well informed on health matters.

Towards the end of the evening our small talk moved to food and health.  This may have been instigated by us as we had brought dessert – totally organic fruit salad with organic cream.  And nowadays most people will not eat cream. “It’s bad for my cholesterol level”, “my doctor told me not to eat fatty food” are some of the usual comments.  They then think I’m joking when I say “but this is healthy cream”.  I’ve found it’s a good way to start a conversation about our new beliefs on food J

So the talk turned to what’s healthy.  It’s amazing how many people are just want to know how to eat healthy, just want to know what actually is healthy.  So many people are now confused – we used to be told not to eat eggs, then not to eat egg yolks, not to eat avocadoes, now its all okay.  Actually its the opposite – we’re now told that avocadoes are good for us.

What should we now believe?  Who do we believe?  Everyone wants to know…

We’ve done so much research into what should be a healthy diet and way of life and it covers a whole range of areas:

  • Organic food
  • Cholesterol
  • Soy
  • Fats
  • Omega 3/Omega 6
  • Fluoride
  • Bread
  • Body products/Makeup
  • aluminium
  • Statins

I plan to share all we’ve learnt with you over time…

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