Spring Clean Your Habits


Welcome to the final part of Raw Horizons Spring Clean Series!

Hopefully you’ve been enjoying giving certain areas of your life a good dust and polish, we certainly have. So far our spaces, our food and our mindsets are feeling pretty squeaky clean, however there is one last important area we’d like to take a look at…

Our habits!

The habits that we have contribute so much to the way that we feel but we often pay them no attention, we carry out these little routines without really noticing, such is the nature of habit!

So this week we’re asking you to become aware of the habits you have in place and check in on whether they are serving you, or whether they’re dragging you down. We want our actions to make us feel awesome and vibrant, not sluggish and low.

Start to really take note of your habits and default reactions, jot them down perhaps, and be honest with yourself about how these habits are ultimately making you feel.

Making you feel great? Then great! But if they’re bringing you down then they’ve got to go. Switch them out in favour of something that serves you, and over time watch these new practise’s bloom into positive, healthy and happy habits.

To help you instigate more self-care habits, try Claire’s Self-Love Challenge… It is titled ‘Valentines Day Challenge’ but every day should be a day to treat yourself with kindness!


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