Spring Clean Your Mind

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“What You Think, You Become”

We’ve all heard the saying, sure. But how many of us are guilty of letting our thoughts run away and get the better of us from time to time? Negativity breeds negativity. This is a serious drain on motivation and energy, which is bad news if your aim is to approach the sunnier seasons with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

So, as we step into week 3 of our Spring Series (hopefully with tidy houses and happy tummies), we’re not here to yell at you to ‘snap out of it’! We’re here to tell you just HOW to ‘snap out of it’!

Can you increase your energy levels by shifting your mindset?

Of course you can! There’s no magic trick to it, it’s really that simple. Becoming aware of your internal dialogue is vital, once you’re tuned into your thoughts you can begin to address the negative chatter and filter in some wonderful positive vibes. A daily stream of positivity can really turn a bad mood around and get you smiling and energised.

Here’s what Claire makes of it all…

This week, try to pay close attention to your thoughts. Bring more of the good into your mind and try to chuck out the negative, see how this impacts your mood and energy.

Most importantly, don’t allow your mind to become a drain. Keep that positivity tap turned on and let your thoughts sparkle with enthusiasm, excitement and happiness!

Here is Claire’s blog & video about the Power of Affirmations, which will also help in keeping you thinking positively.


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