Restore Stability During the Festivities


We could all do with a bit of extra stability in our lives from time to time, especially during manic times such as the festive period…

Christmas is a beautiful time of year, full of family, friends and fun. But with our hectic social calendars it’s easy to lose your feeling of grounding and start to feel a bit frazzled.

Of course we are huge champions of the benefits of practising meditation regularly, meditation can solve a whole host of modern day problems, but we also understand that it’s not always easy to schedule in a little session during busy periods.

So this week Claire is here to share with you one of her favourite ’emergency’ meditations. A quick, easy and discreet trick you can use if you are feeling a little overwhelmed at the office party or you’re a bit stressed trying to keep everyone happy come Christmas day. Find some stability in the madness…

Keep yourself calm this festive season, embrace it fully and try not to let the madness drive you mad! But if you find yourself a little up in the clouds, know you have this easy hack in your back pocket ready to bring yourself back down to earth.

Keep your eyes out for more tips on surviving Christmas landing in your inbox next week…. And for now, we’re wishing you peace, love, festive cheer and stability…

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