The Art of Finding Bliss


“Never forget the importance of living with unbridled exhilaration.”
– Robin Sharma.

When we talk about losing control, what connotations does that conjure up? We’re willing to bet that they’re negative ones!

Actually, the very art of allowing yourself to lose control and surrender is tricky business, especially in our conservative Western world. We’re taught from a young age that total control is key.

But we shouldn’t be putting our pursuit of bliss to the back of the pile, rather we should be actively seeking that blissful state, whatever that means for us.

Here’s Claire to explain why…

Whilst it can be useful, essential even, to have a handle on things in many every day situations and interactions, our inability to relinquish control is seriously limiting our capacity to feel and experience true bliss.

Ecstatic joy has been pushed way down on our long, long priorities list. How often do you do something just because it makes you feel joy? Whether it’s dancing your legs off or getting lost in art. How much time do you dedicate to simply experiencing bliss?

Don’t deny yourself the things that bring you joy simply because there is no ‘end result’. Bliss is the end result! Wonderful, magical, blissful happiness. Live it.


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