The Health Benefits of Ginger


Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it – either way we could all benefit from a little or a lot more ginger in our lives!

The humble yet powerful root is the cheapest and most accessible superfood you can find. The health benefits of getting your daily dose are almost endless.

If ever we need to start necking ginger shots it’s when our bodies are struggling or need a little boost. Perhaps you’ve been super busy at work or a little stressed with life… this is where the benefits of ginger can step in as your saviour to provide a much needed boost.

Here are just a handful of the many healthy reasons you might want to include ginger in your daily diet…

  • Ginger is a proven sickness-buster. It will help ease any nauseous feelings, including the discomfort, dizziness and sweating that goes with it.
  • It’s anti-inflammatory effects can reduce the symptoms of many inflammation related aliments, including arthritis, swelling and muscular pain.
  • Immune boosting properties of ginger ensure that it help you to fight off and keep bugs at bay. Essential when there are nasty viruses kicking about.
  • Effective at easing toothache, sore throats, headaches and even migraines.
  • Shown to maintain healthy circulation thanks to its magnesium and zinc content.

It couldn’t be easier to incorporate some super-food ginger into your diet each day. It tastes great in cooking plus you can add it to smoothies and juices too which is perfect for an early morning boost. We like to give our Juice Detox Retreat guests a daily ginger & apple shot as a healthful wake-up tonic.

You could also try ginger tea either as a ready-made infusion or fresh.  Fresh ginger tea is so simple – just slice or grate ginger into some boiling water and allow it to steep. Perhaps add some lemon, cinnamon or even cayenne pepper (for the brave!) for some delicious healthy variety.

All hail the humble, yet superfood, ginger.  After all, we could all use a little boost from time to time.


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