The Magic of Maca


Here on the retreat, we are always asked about ‘superfoods’. What are they, why do we use them, where can you find them and how can they be incorporated into daily life? These are just a few of the questions we are frequently asked.

So, with that in mind, welcome to the first instalment of our new Superfood Series!

We will be using this series to discuss with you all things ‘superfoods’. We’ll be focusing on a different one of our favourites and giving you all the information you need to start incorporating these natural goodies into your routine.

First up is our all time favourite…. magical Maca!

Maca is a powerful plant found in the Andean Mountains of Bolivia and Peru, it thrives in the high altitude and is actually part of the radish family! Here are our top 5 reasons you should be adding this delicious root to your daily diet and reaping the superfood rewards…

  1. It’s super energising! You can expect a boost to your mind and body when you start to add Maca into your diet. Maca is great for getting rid of fatigue and easing brain fog and it’s also known for increasing stamina and endurance which can aid in recovery after exercise.
  2. Maca is wonderful at balancing hormones. It can also help with regulating the side effects that come with haywire hormones, such as mood swings, stress and sexual function.. (pssst, it’s known to be great for libido!)
  3. This wonder-root is packed full of vitamins, minerals, micro-nutrients and antioxidants. As well as containing amino acids and enzymes, you’re going to want to heap this into your smoothie if you want to feel tip top!
  4. Maca can help to improve the symptoms of PMS, menopause and other menstrual issues. Due to its hormone balancing effects, Maca can help control estrogen levels, thus assisting with any ‘time of the month’ woes.
  5. Need a memory boost? You can count on Maca! Traditionally used in schools in Peru to help the student’s memory, Maca has been found to play an important role is optimising learning and recall.

Now you know why you need it, it’s time to get some Maca powder in your shopping basket and start boosting your health! You can order this lovely plant power online here if you’re struggling to find it in stores near you, and once you have it, there are many ways you can set about incorporating it into your diet.

You can blend it in smoothies, mix into your porridge, sprinkle on your granola or you can even make your own superfood drinks using a variety of different powders. Check out our recipe for a delicious take on hot chocolate. The options are endless..

Start experimenting today and you’ll be feeling the magic of Maca in no time!

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