The Power of Chanting


“The knower of the mystery of sound knows the mystery of the whole universe…” – Inayat Khan.

Where do you stand on the chanting front? Are you happy to chant loud and proud in a yoga class…or does the thought of doing so make you ache with self-consciousness?

Whatever your stance on this powerful tool, you can not deny the magic of chanting. Chanting is a centuries-old technique that connects humans with themselves, the universe, and spirit… and you don’t have to have any religious affiliations to enjoy this practice and reap the rewards of it.

Here’s Dr Claire Maguire to explain the benefits…

So now we know there’s no reason to be shy around chanting, let’s readdress some of the benefits:

  • Chanting is EASY! And it’s readily available to you…no equipment or membership plan required.
  • Using chants as part of our exercise regimen, helps facilitate movement and flow of the body during exercise.
  • Moves us into unity consciousness, allows us to tune into the universe and reprograms the subconscious mind.
  • Daily chanting can improve cognition and activate parts of the brain that are central to memory.
  • Regular chanting has also been shown to help lower stress levels and calm the mind whilst providing a lovely mood-boost.

We hope that this is enough to encourage you to shed the ego and uncertainty around beginning a chanting practice. Find a mantra that resonates with you, whatever it is you are looking for, and just give it a go.

Voice of an angel or otherwise, embrace the power of chanting…


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