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I mentioned in my previous blog about living as who we are now, not as a version of our past self. We need to let go of old ideas, old thoughts, old emotions and practically get rid of stuff which drags us down.

Which is all super wonderful as it frees up our energy, makes us more comfortable with who we are right now and in The Curious Club we have spent the month de-cluttering our wellbeing on various levels precisely to be able to feel the joy of expressing who we are in this moment.


I was having a conversation the other day about all of this and I mentioned “Oh you need to find a way to bring what you used to do/be into this project”. Mmmm… was I contradicting myself?

I thought about it and the short answer? No.


For letting go of the stuff which doesn’t serve us, the wishing we were how we once were, not listening to the ‘I should be’ and the physical removal of stuff… creates energy and spaciousness. In this spaciousness you can then notice what you loved, what you were passionate about, what things intrigued you, what you valued, what you stood for and so on, with the perspective of non-judgement. It is an enquiry.

If you were to create such a list just now, what would be on it?

Which then asks the question is any of what you have written on your list to stay in the past, part of the old version of you? Or would you like to bring some of it into the now?

If yes there are some parts of who you used to be that you would love to bring into the now, I would suggest that before you do, you spend some time examining what bringing the old into your current way of being will bring to you. What are the benefits? How will it add to your life?

Once you know the why you want to bring that back then rekindle whatever it is with a joy in your being.

For me, well it was I want to go back and explore my love of food relationship, the effect it has on our mood, the pleasure of making great tasting nutritious food and the role our gut plays in our wellbeing.

I am super excited about taking ownership of eating well over the coming month (and beyond) and remembering all those recipes, the delicious food I used to create for our guests on our retreats, the energising juices, the nourishing smoothies and creating some exciting new recipes to support me now.

If food and our relationship to it, is of interest to you then you’re very welcome to join me in The Curious Club to delve into this.


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