What is Courage?


A solider is hailed as courageous as he gives his life for the good of his country.

A mother is courageous when she endures a difficult birth.

We are told to be strong, to be brave, to have courage when faced with a particular something we perhaps don’t want to face.  Yet there is no choice but to face it.

Is this what it means to be courageous?

  • We have to do it no matter what?
  • No matter the fears, our feelings of inadequacy, our desire to run away?
  • Is it the facing of uncertainty and surrendering to an unknown?
  • Is it our ability to let go of trying to control everything?
  • Is it to know yourself and to stand by your convictions?
  • To do what you believe in?

But what when we are are collectively dealt a situation, such as the one announced last night, in which we may not believe in. We may wish to rebel against. One where we may cry at the loss of our way of life. The uncertainty creating waves of anxiety to wash through us.

It is in times like these where a courage of self and a courage of spirit is one of the most important aspects we can draw upon.

We have to believe in a a greater purpose, the collective power of rallying for a cause. We need to believe our actions count. We need to know that we are all in this together. For it is so.

The news of the lockdown announced on Monday will affect all of us differently.

Some are there on the frontline dealing with it. With courage having to give up a way of life with family, uncertain of whether they will get ill themselves, having to make tough decisions with patients and supplies.

Some are facing financial ruin with their businesses shut down. Jobs lost. With courage having to face an uncertain future perhaps finding a new way forward.

Some are facing loneliness isolated on their own. With courage having to be with themselves and finding ways to self comfort.

Some are stuck with people they perhaps don’t want to be stuck with without escape. With courage finding new ways to be tolerant.

Some are having to be carers, teachers, entertainers for children with nowhere to go. With courage having to face new demands.

Some may find themselves unwell and with courage having to fight to get better.

We are all facing this together. The details may be different but the situation is the same: to flatten the curve of this virus.

We need to find our courage to do what we can in an extraordinary circumstance.

Yet it is also ok to be courageous enough to cry and ask for help. To fall apart and find the courage to accept your emotions and let them flow through you. To breath and remind yourself you can be ok.

It is also ok to be courageous enough to stop. To not seek answers. To not find a greater meaning. To be still and find the joy within a moment.

It is ok to have the courage to say you don’t know what is going on, what is going to happen. To talk. To not talk. To be you.

I am with you. In all of this I too am navigating uncharted waters. I too am finding courage in the face of uncertainty.  I am open to all viewpoints and listening. For one thing I believe is there are a lot of wise people around me.  And I know you are one of those wise people.   Thank you.


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